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Dori: A conservative, a Christian and a supporter of the President


Dori -- a conservative, a Christian and a supporter of the President -- wore a winning smile as she canvassed for Barack Obama in Manassas.

But it was her custom designed t-shirt that best conveyed her thoughts.

She explained:

“I have very conservative family values, actually. We both feel very strongly that faith is a very important part of our family life. We’re both Christians. We both want to raise our daughter in a strong Christian church. We feel that our daughter’s education is going to come primarily through our values, and less through what she learns at school.

“I’m a strong supporter of public education, but I think that all starts at home. What a child learns begins in the family, so I feel that a strong family is what is going to bring a child the most success in their future.

“I feel like I have a different perspective than other people in Northern Virginia, because I grew up in Ohio in a rural area. The thinking where I grew up is that Conservative equals Republican and family values equals Republican and Christian equals Republican. I hear a lot of the talking points on the Romney side - Obama will mess with our guns and Obama is not a good-enough Christian - and I really feel strongly that those things aren’t true - that they’re falsehoods.

“Being where I’m from and having the background that I do, and still believing strongly in Obama, I felt it would be good to show that on a t-shirt.

“I need to volunteer because I feel so strongly that if Obama is not reelected, this country will go downhill, and it scares me to think that all the steps he’s made in women’s health issues, in national health issues, in education, in social justice - I think a lot of those things would take a step backward if Romney were elected.

“I don’t how any candidate could not support equal pay for both men and women. And that’s why I’m volunteering. I’m one person, but I need to do what I can.”

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