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Dan: Building America

Dan from Sterling, Virginia
Dan is a neighborhood team leader in Sterling, Virginia.

On the afternoon that she became a citizen of the United States, Dan Lloyd’s next door neighbor knocked on his door. Dan helped her fulfill a lifetime dream—to be a registered voter in the United States of America. In Virginia, there are nearly 100,000 Latinos who are eligible to vote, but are not registered. With the help of some friends, Dan created a video explaining to English speaking children how to help their parents register to vote.

It’s just one way that Dan Lloyd uses his gifts to help re-elect President Obama. As a carpenter, a builder, and a technology whiz, Dan has crafted a 2012 Obama logo for the wall in the Loudoun County headquarters. He built a kiosk for voter registration used by the Loudoun County volunteers. And he’s built a youtube page with short videos to inspire voters.

Dan wants President Obama to win for some very personal reasons. As a small business owner, Dan has had some tough years in this economy. But Dan believes that President Obama is leading our nation in the right way, making our economy better, step-by-step. Because President Obama cares about the middle class, his policies are taking us in the right direction.

Dan sees that the President is building a better America. One where businesses like General Motors are encouraged and helped to keep building a great product right here. One where the foundations for a strong middle class are built on character, intelligence, and honesty. One where every neighbor counts. It’s a future that Dan believes in—and one worth building.

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