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Biden: “We win Virginia, we win this election”

Joe Biden

Joe Biden closed out his 2012 campaign for vice president with a rally Monday evening in Richmond, Va.

At the American Civil War Center, Biden called for national unity.

"Now it's time for our politics to be as good and as noble as our people," Biden said. "It's time we come together and realize the great potential of this great country. It's time to replace unyielding ideology with principled compromise."

Biden was joined at the rally by his wife Dr. Jill Biden and the musician John Mellencamp who urged the vice president to "give 'em Hell, Joe!"

"We need to win," Biden told supporters in the crucial swing state. "We win Virginia, we win this election."

Biden praised his boss Barack Obama for his strength and leadership.

“He’s got a backbone like a ramrod,” Biden said. Comparing the President to his challenger, he said, “it’s not close on the character question.”

About 1,200 supporters attended the rally at the historic Tredegar Iron Works.

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