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BD Wong: “Surprisingly included”

BD Wong
Inclusion, individuality for all. (Photo: Marcus Ricci)

At a canvass kick-off in Falls Church and a meet-and-greet at the Richmond Pride Fest this weekend, BD Wong talked with supporters about issues that matter to him, and why President Obama is the best candidate to address those issues.

BD believes President Obama is a president for all Americans, and urged supporters to continue the important work of reaching out to other supporters and making sure every Virginian has a voice in this election by registering to vote.

“President Obama is the first president that has been in office in my lifetime that I feel is talking to me when he expresses his aspirations for the country,” BD said. “And, you know, I’m OLD. I think because I am not only a member of the Asian-American Pacific Islander community, but also a member of the LGBT community, I feel surprisingly included.

“I am also really into people who communicate effectively, and let’s face it, he possesses that rare gift of being able to bring a country of such profound diversity together with his words.”

Thanks to BD Wong for joining us for the Weekend of Action.

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