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Archuleta: “When you think you've done enough”

Katherine Archuleta meeting with students at GMU
Katherine Archuleta met with George Mason University students this past weekend.

Katherine Archuleta, national political director for the Obama campaign, joined supporters this weekend to kick off neighborhood canvasses and talk to George Mason University students about what’s at stake in this election:

“I know that for me, if I didn’t do everything I could to make sure President Obama is reelected, my 23-year-old daughter may be denied health care because of a preexisting condition.

“We voted for President Obama because it was about us. We asked him to lead us, and he is leading us, pushing us forward. We need to protect the change we've had. We need to protect our families, we need to protect our jobs, we need to protect our children.

“Don't get complacent because they are going to bombard our voters with millions of dollars worth of ads in the next four weeks. We cannot stop. What you're doing now—every door knocked, every supporter called—it's not inconsequential. There isn't a single voter in Virginia that doesn’t matter. It is the grassroots efforts of volunteers like you that will win this election.

“We are investing in the people where the difference is most important. I'm proud to be part of that 47 percent.

“When you think you've done enough, make five more phone calls. When you think you've walked enough, walk one more block. We can’t go back.”

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