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Annie: "I will vote"


It was five-something in the morning when Annie, a Manassas educator, got out of bed on Tuesday. Still pitch black out. Most people would go back to sleep, but Annie was on a mission.

“President Obama was in Manassas four years ago, and I wasn’t able to make it,” Annie said. “But, when I found out that he was going to be back in the area again, I told myself that there was no way in H––– that I was going to miss him this time around.”

So at 5:45 AM at the Manassas field office on Main Street, Annie made sure that she would be the first person in line.

It’s pretty safe to say that Annie is a big supporter of President Obama, but she has a very simple reason why will cast her vote for him on November 6: “From day one, he’s been working to be the president for America—the way it should be.”

Because of that Annie has committed to vote on Election Day and is ready to do so.

“I am absolutely registered to vote—I will vote. I know where my polling place is, and I’m going to make it happen. Years ago, a lot people died for the right to vote, so it’s important that we use that right.”

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