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Annette: First in Line

Annette and her family
Front to back: Annette, son Creighton, and daughter Sierra. They've been in line since 9 AM to get their chance to see President Obama in Glen Allen.

Tickets to see President Obama have been, to say the least, going like hotcakes. When Annette, a small business owner from Chester, VA, heard that President Obama would be returning to Virginia, she cancelled all her meetings, grabbed her daughter Sierra and her son Creighton, and headed to the Richmond office to be the first folks in line.

"My daughter Sierra asked me to take her to see President Obama the next time he came," Annette said, "and it’s a promise I intended to fulfill, so here we are.”

For Annette, bringing her daughter to see President Obama is more than just seeing the president.

It’s about showing your support for the guy who’s been an amazing leader on the economy, health care, and women’s rights. He has the backs of middle-class families, and the progress I see is evidence that he’s taking us in the right direction. We’ve got to pick up those phones and knock on those doors to make sure he wins in November. Whatever it takes.

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