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Alease: “The voucherization of Medicare is nothing short of frightening”

Despite what some may say about the activity level of seniors, Alease, a retired educator is working hard to ensure that President Obama has another four years to move America forward and continue his fight for the middle class. A neighborhood team leader in Norfolk, Virginia, Alease is deeply concerned about the impact a Romney-Ryan plan for Medicare will have on senior citizens. "Their policies and proposed voucherization of Medicare is nothing short of frightening," she said.

Alease is also concerned that the programs that budget cuts proposed by the Romney-Ryan team come at the expense of the middle class and seniors. “It troubles me how easy it is for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to try to distort how turning Medicare into a voucher won’t hurt seniors.”

“Medicare is an important safety net that ensures seniors will be able to live in dignity and I am deeply troubled by GOP plans to replace this program with a voucher system.” According to Alease, President Obama’s plan strengthens Medicare and increases quality of care. This is a major reason why Alease volunteers to support President Obama’s reelection in November.

By phone banking, canvassing and leading voter registration drives, Alease is dedicated to spreading the word about President Obama’s commitment to support the American people.

“I believe in President Obama; I respect his courage, and his desire to be a strong advocate for the senior community.”

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