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Adrienne: Moviendo Virginia hacia adelante

Adrienne is an organizing fellow in Prince William County.

If we followed Adrienne, a William and Mary student and Latina with Nicaraguan and Puerto Rican roots, on a day as a fellow for the Obama campaign, we’d see her registering voters, calling potential volunteers, and canvassing 30-40 houses, talking about President Obama’s policies.

One recent July day she registered a 70-year-old woman sitting who had never before voted. The woman decided to register because she believes in the Affordable Care Act. When Adrienne gave the woman her registration receipt, the woman said, “I’m taking this home and framing it.”

For Adrienne, the most rewarding part of her work as an organizing fellow has been helping her friends overcome their apathy about politics. She said, “All but one of my friends is now registered to vote! And I’m still holding out hope for that friend!”

As soon as the fall semester starts, Adrienne plans to spend her days talking to Latinos, helping them see that President Obama stands up for not only the Latino community, but for the middle class, and for women. Adrienne points to President Obama’s success in passing the Affordable Care Act, and the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court as evidence of his commitment to ensuring everyone has a fair shake at the American dream. Adrienne believes that we all have to work harder for equality, for women in the workplace and to fight the marginalization and stigma on Latina women in our culture.

November 6, 2012 will be an important day Adrienne says. It will be the first time she has ever voted in a presidential race. She has already reserved her mother’s minivan so that she can carry a big carload of voters, and she’ll be driving everyone she knows to the polls. She will be moving forward, literally.

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