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Absentee Voting: Why Wait?

In the days leading up to November 6th, voters in Virginia are heading to their polling places to vote absentee in-person. Young people like Alyssa, a freshman from Virginia Commonwealth University and a resident of Springfield, Virginia opted to do this.

"Because I'm in school at Virginia Commonwealth University and I have personal obligations on November 6, I voted absentee," Alyssa said. There is nothing worse than feeling guilty for not voting. Voting absentee was so easy—why wait?

Voters like Alyssa are making their vote count because the issues that matter most are on the line. According to her, President Obama has a record she can trust, while the opposition's record is questionable.

"For me women's issues are incredibly important—and concerning. Being able to choose matters. Having access to contraception matters. Equal pay for equal work matters. Those are definitely reasons why I don't support Mitt Romney. With him, the scariest thing is that he flip flops so much; we never really know where he actually stands on an issue."

Take a stand in this election, and see if you're eligible to vote absentee in Virginia.

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