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A key tip from Sterling's Carolyn

Carolyn from Virginia

Carolyn, a Sterling neighborhood team leader, was fired up to hear President Obama speak in Leesburg last night. After the speech, she shared why she's volunteering in her community—and offered a key tip for folks looking to get involved:

"I thought it was a great event, and I’m hoping it fired up some of my fellow supporters. The President is getting back to the heart of things, to values, to the core tenants that make America the great nation that it is, and I think that everyone can relate to that. Evoking the great spirit of America is always going to resonate well.

"I’m a volunteer from Sterling and I’m having an organizational meeting next week to try to build my neighborhood team. I’m hoping that some of the people who saw the President speak will be inspired to get involved. I would urge everyone who came today to download the new campaign app right now. It’s really wonderful and you can do so many things without having to go into the office! And it’s free!"

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