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235 Votes

235 votes. That’s all President Obama lost Fluvanna County, Virginia, by in the last election. 235 votes in a county of just over 25,000. That’s 0.1 percent of the vote. Less than the population of the local high school senior class.

When asked what he thought of this number, Joe from Fluvanna said, “I think it’s great. In the Shenandoah Valley where I’m from, it was 2 to 1 for McCain. This is a breath of fresh air.” A wind in the sails even. A goal for which to shoot.

In Fluvanna County every Saturday, dozens of volunteers staff voter registration tables at local businesses. From 8am to 6pm, the people of Fluvanna – a county with only one stop light – are reminded that their vote matters more than they know. So far, Fluvanna volunteers are well on-track to garner far more than the 235 votes that could make up the difference. As Susan, an Obama supporter says, “It’s possible to close that gap.”

The efforts of these volunteers are particularly important, not just to close the gap in Fluvanna, but to help counter the possible effects of voter disenfranchisement around our country. As one volunteer said, “The reason I volunteer to register voters is because I believe it is a right that was so painfully fought for, the hurtful changes that are happening at the national level, which I believe are being made to restrict some voters, are horribly sad and unfair. I must do what ever I can to help people take advantage of their right to vote. It is my responsibility to live by my principals, and work to make whatever small difference I can.”

Will Fluvanna close the gap and get the 235 votes to win the county for Obama? If the efforts and conviction of these volunteers are any testament, there can hardly be any doubt that Fluvanna will go blue on November 6th.

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