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100 percent

On the final day of voter registration, Virginia Tech students Jenna and Victoria delivered 270 voter registration forms to the local voter registrar as part of the GottaVote bus tour.

In the final three days leading up to Monday's voter registration deadline, thousands of volunteers filled shifts to make sure as many Virginians as possible would be able to exercise their rights to vote in November. These volunteers set up tables at corner stores, canvassed their neighborhoods, and operated phone banks out of their kitchens to help get the word out about what's at stake, and why it's so important to make our voices heard. Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers.

With just over 20 days left in this election, we still have more to do — It's time to get ready to turn out the vote. President Obama has been hard at work for 100 percent of America; It's time to make sure we work at 100 percent in these final days to protect the change. .

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