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Using the Comments

Since the campaign launched on Monday, you’ve been sharing your thoughts about the new commenting system here on the site. As a result of your feedback we’ve been working hard on solutions that work for everyone.

Today, we’re making some changes to how the comments work—to make it easier for folks to share their ideas and join the conversation.

1. You’ll now be able to pick the order in which you want to see the comment thread—sorted by newest, oldest, or most popular.

2. We’re increasing the number of comments that appear, so you won't need to click the “load comments” button so often.

3. When reading a comment you’ll see some new picture buttons you can use to reply to the comment, to give it the thumbs up if you like it, or to flag it for the moderator if it’s objectionable.

4. We’re changing the background colors to make comment threads easier to read.

5. And last but not least, the moderator’s comments will look a bit different so it’s clear which comments are from someone here at HQ and which are from other supporters.

We hope these changes will make commenting and joining in the conversation as easy as possible. Keep letting us know what you think—good or bad—and we’ll keep on working to make this the place you visit for lively debate and the latest campaign news.

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