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United Nations releases sobering report on climate change

It is hard to look at Friday's news from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as good news, but I think it might be. The IPCC is an international scientific group made up of hundreds of the world's top climate scientists, the UN, and the World Meteorological Association. Their new report has more sobering news about climate change and its impacts on rising seas and melting ice.

So how can this be good news? Well, this report shows that scientists are in agreement on what causes climate change, and it helps build momentum for action. It should also be a wake up call for climate deniers.

Here is how Secretary of State John Kerry summed up the report:

"Boil down the IPCC report and here’s what you find: Climate change is real, it’s happening now, human beings are the cause of this transformation, and only action by human beings can save the world from its worst impacts."
This report comes at a time when President Obama and others are taking action to reduce carbon pollution and protect future generations from the worst and most devastating scenarios outlined in the IPCC report. That includes newly proposed EPA rules on carbon pollution from power plants, as well as new international agreements on phasing out some of the most potent climate pollutants. A recent State Department report shows that the U.S. is on target to meet goals for reducing carbon pollution.

All of this is happening despite the climate deniers in Congress who are attempting to block action on climate change.

So that is the good news: We are moving ahead, and the climate change deniers are being pushed to the sidelines. Climate change is real, manmade and dangerous. Science says so. Will you take action?

I will
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