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UNH welcomes President Bill Clinton


Wildcats at the University of New Hampshire and supporters all across the Granite State got to hear from former President Clinton today on what's at stake this November and why everyone needs to be supporting President Obama. It was a rainy day in Durham but that didn't stop anyone from coming out to see him.


Connecticut natives Ashley and Hannah are UNH freshman who believe President Obama is the right choice for their generation. Newly settled in the Granite State, Hannah feels it’s important to vote here in New Hampshire and plans to register when the Durham town clerk at the upcoming UNH voter registration drive.

UNH Seniors Chantel and Chayanna, UNH seniors, brought their friends along to experience the event. Chantel told us:


“It's really exciting that New Hampshire gets so much attention, especially being a small state. My friends and I were so surprised to hear that President Clinton was coming to campus.”


“I never thought I'd have the chance to see someone like President Clinton at my school. It means a lot when people come to talk to students. This election will have such an impact on our future and it’s good to have events like this to encourage students to get involved.”


Merrimack team member Pat loved seeing students at the event, showing their support for the President.

“It's great seeing young people so excited; their energy will make a difference in this election!"

Local Field Organizer Elsie Raymer reminded UNH students that it’s their absolute right to vote in New Hampshire:


“We have just 34 days to tell our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates why we’re supporting President Obama. We need you to help us knock on some doors, join us for tabling, make some phone calls. We cannot accomplish this alone. And the stakes of this election are too high for us to sit back. There are too many students who still need student loans; too many women who still make less than their male counterparts; and too many good American jobs that we need create. We’ve come too far to turn back now. So I hope you’ll stand up. Be heard. Take action. Help us win this election and keep President Obama and Vice President Biden in the White House for another four years of moving our country forward!


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