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Unemployment insurance matters

I loved my job as a marketing manager. I loved going into work and finding a new challenge to tackle, and I loved the excitement of working with our celebrity clients. After earning two degrees in media and marketing, I knew this was the field for me. But this past summer, that all changed. On June 26th I was told that our office was downsizing and they had to lay off all seven members of my team, including me. I was crushed.

You know, nothing really prepares you for being unemployed. All the kind words and encouragement in the world can’t stop the stress and doubts that keep running through your mind. It takes a lot of work to find a new job. Each day I spend six or seven hours on my computer searching for jobs and sending out applications—I’ve already sent out more than 200 resumes! I’ve been to networking events, talked to friends in the industry, reached out to new contacts, you name it.

But while I was trying to get back up on my feet, Congress pulled the rug out from under me. Because they failed to extend unemployment insurance last month, I lost my unemployment insurance just a few days after Christmas. This wasn’t just extra cash for me—I needed that monthly check to help cover necessities as I struggled to find a job.

And it wasn't just me—more than a million people have lost unemployment insurance, and the number keeps growing every week. I was shocked Congress let partisanship win out, hurting people like me in the process.

Yet even after these frustrating few months, I refuse to give up. Every morning, I wake up more determined than the last as I start searching and applying for positions. I don't want to be a freeloader—I want the dignity of a good job. I just need to keep food on the table as I try to find work.

That’s why we need Congress to renew unemployment insurance. This is too important to be a political game—for me and so many other hardworking Americans like me who have been dealt a bad hand, that small check is the only thing keeping us afloat as we search for work.

Tell Congress to restore this economic lifeline for me and thousands of other Americans.

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