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Constituents tell senators to stop standing in the way of unemployment insurance

In Indiana and Ohio, people are using Facebook to let Senator Dan Coats and Senator Rob Portman know just how disappointed they are in their votes against extending unemployment insurance for nearly 2 million job seekers.

Senators Portman, Coats, and Mark Kirk all said they'd work to find a solution to extend unemployment insurance benefits, but all three of them voted against the bipartisan agreement that would have done just that. Last week, people in Illinois took to Senator Kirk's wall to voice their opinion on his decision.

Here is how Senator Rob Portman's constituents responded to his vote:

Here is what Senator Dan Coats' constituents had to say:

The bottom-line is that Senator Coats' and Senator Portman's votes leave more than 23,000 Hoosiers and more than 50,000 Ohioans without the vital economic lifeline that unemployment insurance provides.

Let your voice be heard. Join other OFA volunteers in pressuring Congress to restore unemployment insurance for Americans still looking for work.

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