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Texas Day of Action, June 30

On June 30, Texas supporters gathered across the state for the last National Day of Action of the month. North Dallas had a particularly successful day, making tens of thousands of calls – a record number for any Texas region.

As a summer organizer for North Dallas, I was so excited to help the hosts with their first phone bank. The numbers alone were fantastic achievement. What struck me most, however, was the immediate camaraderie that developed among the volunteers.

“I had so much fun making calls and talking with the other volunteers. We had a lot of great conversations,” said one attendee. That is what’s amazing about grassroots action: a community of people working together to accomplish a goal and having a good time while doing so.

Texans have been making a genuine difference this year, however, we still have lots more to accomplish on the road to November 6. We are IN, are you?

Get involved with Organizing for America by checking out our local events and spreading the message on Facebook at ‘Obama for America – TX’ and on Twitter at @OFA_TX.

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