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Persuade, Empower, and Mobilize

Noa G. is the youngest Organizing Fellow in Texas. At just 15 years old, she is working to make a difference in this election. Here is her story:

I must be crazy.

I chose to forgo a summer of camp in order to participate in a summer fellowship where my days consist of phone banking, coordinating, organizing, data entering, and emailing to get our President a second term. Instead of being at camp in the Texas hill country, I’m usually found at grassroots events where I am constantly met with “You’re in high school?” or “But you’re so young!”

But, just because I am not old enough to vote doesn’t mean I am not old enough to care. What I love about President Obama is that he doesn’t shut out young people like me. Instead, we’re embraced and valued and treated just as any adult volunteer would be treated when they walk into a field office. I have tasks and responsibilities. Organizing for America has enabled me to persuade, empower, and mobilize many others to go out and vote for the President, giving voice to my political opinion, which may otherwise be silent.

When it comes to re-electing President Obama, age does not matter. Whether you’re 15 or 55 -- go to your local field office and make some calls, share our message through Facebook or Twitter, or attend an event in your area.

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