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Austin City-wide Convention

Austin City-Wide Convention

Last month over 65 campaign volunteers from all over central Texas joined us for the Austin City-wide Convention.


Then event was held on the UT Austin campus.  Volunteers heard from community organizers on a range of topics, including digital and social media strategies, constituency outreach, and media messaging. The Convention ended with the group being deputized to register voters!


Joseph P, an Austin volunteer who came to the event, says he is “IN” because, “The President is someone who makes decisions based on the information available, not based on who he is beholden to. I believe in President Obama, and will work to re-elect him."


We had a great time meeting new volunteers.  Check out 'Obama for America - Texas' on Facebook for more pictures from the City-wide Convention.  For upcoming opportunities to get involved in your area, click on the events page.

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