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"Two Thumbs Up!"

Rated “Two thumbs up!” and a “Must hear”, critics raved that Tuesday night’s volunteer leadership call was a blockbuster. With fast paced legislative updates, the tug on the heartstrings discussion around relationship building, the tension around asking leaders to step up, and an ending that exceeded expectations, last night’s leadership call was a hit! Five leaders were up close and personal, sharing with the rest of those on the call some of the best practices of the trade. Who were these five?

Joy, the tough-but loveable- leader from Madison’s MINT, voiced how important it is to continue bring the enthusiasm behind the connection of what’s happening locally and Obama 2012.

Eric, the logistical task master from Madison’s East Side brought the power of intentional team plans.

Ann, aformer teacher, helped us see learning moments everywhere, like growing and strengthening our relationships through holding one on ones.

Marie, the not-so-timid leader from Milwaukee, shared how she overcame her fear of outreach and turned it into an opportunity to build from scratch not only a team, but her and others’ confidence.

Joanne, ‘the hard-ask’, from Pewaukee, shared how the whole world cannot rest on one person’s shoulders and so decided it was time to delegate! They now have a team member dedicated to the often neglected and misunderstood role of data captain.

This month, they all are coming together to breakout their wicked organizing skills in holding Grassroots PlanningSessions across our state to hear what people want 2012 to look like and why that building has already started. If you participate in anything this year, Obama for America - -WI is one thing you’re not going to want to miss. Stay tuned for updates from what these organizing stars and their fellow leaders are up to by checking back here, as well as Facebook, and Twitter.

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