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Two New Hampshire papers call on Romney to release his tax returns

There are a couple of absolute must-read editorials in the the Nashua Telegraph and Concord Monitor this morning. Both papers are joining the chorus demanding that Mitt Romney release his tax returns.

The Telegraph says the Romney tax returns are a non-partisan issue, that this is information the public simply deserves to have in order to evaluate Romney as a presidential candidate:

It’s not a matter of whether the president’s political operatives have a right to scour the financial documents; it’s that the American people have a right to know the financial background of those who aspire to hold the highest office in the land.

The Concord Monitor not only suggests that Romney is hiding something, they actually put forward a theory as to what that something might be:

Could it be that despite a fortune estimated at some $250 million and an annual income of more than $20 million, Romney paid little or no taxes in some years? Some tax experts think that's a possibility. So do we.

This whole question underscores the central choice voters have to make in this election. Which economic vision is best for the country?

President Obama believes that everyone, even the wealthiest Americans, must pay their fair share to create an economy that's built to last. Romney, on the other hand, is so heavily invested in the bad ideas that damaged our economy that New Hampshire papers are openly wondering whether he's paid in any share at all.

In other words, when it comes the economy, Romney's not the solution–he's the problem.

If you agree that Romney should release his tax returns, add your name to the list of Granite Staters who think Romney needs to come clean and show them to us.

New Hampshire deserves to know what Romney's hiding.

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