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Two more offices up north

Yesterday, we opened two additional offices in the North Country, which, we're proud to say, brings the total number of offices to 17 across New Hampshire. The two offices are located in Berlin and Littleton and, as Field Organizer Erica Grantier explained to us, they're a bit more than just a workspace.

Erika Grantier the Field Organizer in Coos County is excited to have a central meeting place in the North Country:

"Having this space means that we will have to a place to congregate - a place for walk-ins. Having a place to call our own is huge, because it allows us be a part of the community and surrounding towns. Sense of place is important, especially up here. That physical reminder that the North Country could make the difference in November will stick with our current and future volunteers."

This is more than another office. This is our place to organize in the North Country:

"Having that physical center will solidify our commitment to each other and the President. The North Country could determine who our next president will be, and that idea's going to stick with anybody who sees the work our volunteers are doing here."

With the two new offices we're excited for everything that will be accomplished over the coming months in the North Country. It is a huge step forward for our organizing efforts in the area. Come out and join us, at one of the offices across the state. If you're not able to make it, you can join Dashboard, our online organizing office.

Join our online office

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