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Two Days to Remember: A Volunteer's Trip to Nevada

Barbera J

Barbera and her husband Ted joined fellow California volunteers this past weekend to help get out the vote in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were excited to travel to a battleground state and speak to voters, and were encouraged by the number of Nevada voters they met who are supporting the President.

While canvassing, Barbera and Ted spoke with interested and engaged Nevadans, including an elderly woman happy to cast her vote for the President and a man concerned about the fate of the middle class under a Romney’s policies. They spoke with a voter with emphysema who intends to vote as soon as Early Voting begins on October 20th. Due to his illness, this may be his last vote, but he is determined to get to the polls and help President Obama get re-elected.

After a full day of talking to voters, Barbera and Ted were exhausted.

We’d almost covered an entire neighborhood that afternoon, but we decided to do just one more street. We were so glad we did!

On that final street, they met a 71-year-old Filipino-American woman who immigrated to America more than forty years ago. She recently became an American citizen, and beamed with pride when she spoke of her excitement to vote for President Obama.

These were two days Ted and I will remember for the rest of our lives.

Join Barbera and Ted in Nevada. Together, let’s travel down one more street, knock on one more door, talk to one more voter. Together, let’s re-elect President Barack Obama.

Sign up now to travel to Las Vegas or Reno for the weekend of October 26-28. When you organize your carpool of 12 volunteers, we’ll pick up the cost of a 12-passenger van plus hotel for the weekend in Las Vegas or Reno. In the five days leading up to the election join OFA-CA and OFA-NV for a massive Get Out the Vote (GOTV) push.

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