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Two Birds. One Stone


The Obama 2012 campaign is a sophisticated and intricate political campaign, with many different parts working simultaneously. The technology that we use to contact voters and potential volunteers is state of the art, and for good reason - the stakes of this election are extremely high.

However, one thing that people occasionally forget is that this campaign is not just a chance to re-elect President Barack Obama, though that is the number one priority. This campaign is also a chance for neighbors to meet, to become friends, and to develop a sense of community amongst one another. Sometimes, life is very fast-paced, and it’s difficult to meet new people, much less interact with the people you already know. Volunteering with the campaign provides an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people, who share the same vision for the future, and live just around the corner.

Since I started volunteering for Obama for America as a Fall Fellow, I have both attended and hosted phone banks and neighborhood team meetings. They are a great way to get the job done because we all motivate each other, much like a personal trainer motivates you to exercise. I have met some very interesting people as a volunteer. We all don’t agree 100% of the time, but we all have a similar vision of what we want America to look like in the future. I might never have met any of these wonderful people in my neighborhood if I didn’t get involved with Obama for America.

Not only did I reach out to new volunteers at my phone bank last night, but I also met people who live close by and I enjoy talking to - two birds with one stone! I have already made plans with one new volunteer and I look forward to becoming better friends with him in the future.

Meet a great new circle of friends. Stop by one of Nick’s phonebanks in the Valley this weekend.

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