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Two Anniversaries

This year John celebrated two big anniversaries: 10 years as a resident of Minnesota and 25 years with the love of his life, Jeff. John and Jeff live in South Minneapolis with their daughter and grandson.

After being involved in the 2004 presidential campaign, John took the last 8 years off from electoral politics to focus on LGBT activism. But this year, he couldn't sit on the sidelines.

John W

I live on social security and Medicaid, so I know first hand how critical it is to preserve those programs for older and disabled Americans. Because of those programs, I have a decent quality of life. It's time to work really hard to make sure President Obama is reelected because he'll protect these critical programs, and the alternative is pretty scary.

The President has done so much for the gay community. His support for marriage equality is so important because it affects our families. He's done a number of other things that are incredibly important, like declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and refusing to defend it in the courts.

John is doing his part. As a neighborhood team leader he helps organize his Minneapolis neighborhood for the campaign. "I make quite a few phone calls, send emails, and meet people. My days have gotten really busy. I am taking a tour of coffee shops of South Minneapolis as I meet with new volunteers and talk about how they might want to get involved."

This weekend we're celebrating Pride. President Obama's supporters like John are planning to participate in the Ashley Rukes GLBT Pride Parade. Sign-up and march with us.

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