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Twinsburg Team Meeting

The day President Obama announced that he was launching the 2012 campaign, Sharon and Steven S. of Twinsburg, sprung into action. Sharon contacted organizers in her area and asked what she needed to do to make sure the President had another four years in office. Within days, Sharon was busy planning a team meeting for all of her old team mates, and calling new supporters to get them involved. She enlisted the help of her co-team leader, Frances J., and they started calling supporters in their area to invite them to the first house party of the 2012 Campaign.

All across Ohio, volunteer leaders from 2008 and 2010 are reactivating their neighborhood teams, learning about the “I’m IN” Campaign, and meeting with volunteers in their area to talk about how they can get involved to ensure that President Obama is re elected in 2012. Last Tuesday, almost twenty people attended the team meeting in Twinsburg and declared that they were IN for 2012.

Twinsburg Team Meeting

It was a great evening as team members, who had not seen each other in awhile, were greeted with hugs and everyone began sharing stories from 2008 and 2010 campaigns. New team members, like Beverly S., from Macendonia were welcomed into the fold. Beverly shared with the group that she was not able to get involved in 2008 because she underwent surgery, but she would be actively involved this year.

Team meetings like this one help to not only bring new and old team members together, but provide an opportunity to learn about the first phase of the 2012 campaign. Members also discuss how best to reach out to supporters in their area, and begin planning upcoming events that will build their neighborhood teams. By the end of the team meeting, it was decided that some folks would make calls from their homes, others would attend an upcoming phone banks, and still others would meet individually with all new volunteers to give them a personal welcome into the team.

Team Twinsburg is IN for 2012, and you can join them! If you would like to join the Twinsburg team, or find out where the nearest team meeting happening near you is, email us at [email protected]

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