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Tweeting for #Progress


If you haven’t been following @OFA_CA on twitter or facebook, you probably don’t know that we’re in the midst of a heated Twitter challenge laid out by headquarters.

The state that attracts the most followers by 9P.M. tonight wins. And not just bragging rights. We win the comfort of knowing that we’re doing everything we can to help President Obama get re-elected, a goal more crucial than ever.

We’re already the third highest followed OFA account in the nation, but we can do better. And it starts with you.

Take a moment to share this post with your friends and family by using the facebook and Twitter buttons above. If you want, send an email while you’re at it. Let them know—and the world—that California has the best and brightest #Obama2012 supporters.

If you’re not on twitter, you can sign up and start following @OFA_CA with just a few clicks here.

I know twitter can be overwhelming.

A few short months ago, I didn’t have a tweet to my name. Fast forward to the present and I’ve tweeted over 1,300 times, and most of what I’ve said has been in support of the President and #Obama2012. I’ve connected with folks all over the world—over 330 of them—who share my point of view; a conviction that this country needs President Obama.

If you share that conviction, you owe it to yourself to give twitter a try. And it starts by following @OFA_CA.

Thanks, and see you on Twitter.

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