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Tucson Spring Fellow Excited To Get Started!

This weekend at the Pima County Democratic Headquarters I was trained with the new group of Organizing for America Spring Fellows.

We got to the office bright and early and created strong bonds with our new team members. We all realized that we share a connection that is greater than ourselves—we're in this for President Obama and his vision for the country.

Our RFD Kelly, and our regional leads Pat, Tyler, and Trevor, displayed their leadership skills and taught us the basics of field organizing. One might think it would be boring to learn about organizing for almost 10 hours, but the training was interactive and fun!

IMG352 (1)

We were so fired up on Sunday that we started the day with a dance!

At the end of the training we practiced our new skills—I can't wait for my fellowship to start this week. The next Spring Fellows training is in February, you should join us!

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