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Tucson Educators For Obama

The immediacy and importance of the upcoming Presidential election was not missed by the roundtable of Tucson educators at the Southern Arizona Organizing for America office last week.

These teachers, board members and school administration officials gathered to discuss the impact teachers and students will have on the presidential race.

Because the President has made education a national priority, these Tucson educators understand first-hand that a quality education should not be a luxury available only to those who can afford it. Like President Obama, they know a good and affordable education system is key to the success of future generations of Arizonans, so we can build a future where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded.

Since these educators work with students from pre-school to college, they understand that each child has different needs. Topics ranging from the need to raise standards of K-12 curriculums and the necessity of Pell Grants stuck a chord with the instructors.

During his time as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney made more cuts per-pupil to K-12 education funding than any other governor in the nation. Without access to quality and up-to-date materials, students won’t be fully equipped with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential.

President Obama believes good schools are not only a vital part of our community, but will help create a 21st-century economy that’s built to last. His investments in our educational system at every level will help young Americans get ahead and compete in a global economy.

If you're an educator, get involved today and stand with President Obama as he works for people like you.

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