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Truth Team: Fighting the myths on Obamacare with cold, hard facts

Right now, outside groups are waging a losing battle against Obamacare, spending more than $385 million since the law passed to confuse, mislead, and misinform the public. Opponents in Congress are working to repeal or seriously delay parts of the bill.

Think about what that would actually mean:

* A return to lifetime limits and the threat of being dropped from your plan at a moment’s notice—usually when you need it most

* Going back to the days when you could be denied health insurance based on pre-existing conditions

* Women paying more for insurance just because they are women

* Children getting kicked off their parents’ health insurance plans when they graduate college—the time when many need that security the most

* More uncertainty and hardship for families without insurance

Some lawmakers have gone so far as threatening to shut down the entire government unless Obamacare is repealed. That’s thousands of jobs, funding for schools, services for veterans and more.

They don't want you to know the truth: Obamacare is working.

Obamacare fixes what doesn’t work in our health insurance system and it keeps what does work. That means the majority of Americans won’t see any change except for better benefits, like free annual checkups, vaccinations and mammograms.

And the 30 million Americans today who are going without insurance now? On October 1st, they'll have a shot at something affordable. They will finally have the chance to get a plan that fits their budget and accounts for illnesses, accidents and emergencies.

A poll last month showed an overwhelming number of Americans see affordable health coverage as key to getting into the middle class. That is what is at stake: a better shot at middle class security. And it needs to be protected.

We can’t let opponents get away with spreading misinformation and fear. Join the Truth Team and get the facts, so that you can help set the record straight on Obamacare.

Join the Truth Team

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