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Town Hall with President Obama

This Friday was a busy time for the President's campaign here in Maryland as the President held a town hall meeting in College Park and a small group of our summer organizers headed over to provide support and reach out to the people in attendance. We arrived two hours before the event and found an already impressive number of supporters lined up for a chance to hear the President speak. Going up and down the line, we were able to talk to supporters, as well sign up volunteers to spread the President's message.


We quickly found that people from across the state and even from around the world, had made the trip just for the chance to see the President, and more than anything they were fired up and ready to go out and re-elect the President. By the end of the day our group of Summer Organizers were hot and sweaty, but we all left more excited than ever to continue our hard work on behalf of President Obama.

If you're interested in joining us for our next adventure be sure to 'Like' us on Facebook, or drop by our office at 3750 University Boulevard West in Kensington!

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