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Top Volunteers Get Together for A Leadership Convention

On Sunday, almost a hundred of Maryland's top volunteers gathered to discuss what they were going to do to help President Obama get re-elected over the next 13 months. The group consisted of volunteers with a diverse set of skills and experiences, but they were all united for the afternoon to share their passion for organizing for President Obama. It was also time for different volunteers to learn more about what their counterparts were doing around the state, and they shared best practices from their respective regions. Meeting together in the same room and getting to know each other better helped increase discussion and the flow of ideas throughout the state.

During our team convention, all of our volunteer leaders had the opportunity to break out and discuss goals for their own regions. They set goals on how to connect with more volunteers, and establish fun and engaging community events for our volunteers.

By the end of the afternoon, we could tell that our volunteer convention was a hit because of all the numbers exchanged, and the great ideas that were flowing between different parts of the state! Moving forward, we're planning on hosting more of these events in order to connect our volunteer leadership around the state. If you'd like to volunteer too, and become part of our team, be sure to give our state office a call at 240 242 5750, or follow us on Twitter for the latest news and events.

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