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Top 3 Reasons Louisianians are “In” for the 2012 Campaign

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At a recent team meeting, team members were asked to name the top 3 reasons why they were "In" for the 2012 Campaign. Below are some of their responses:

Stella: (1) The President is intelligent; (2) He has courage; (3) He has the ability to work for the needs of everyone
Brandy: (1) Healthcare (2) Progress in the economy (3) Foreign Policy
Aileen: (1) The President is intelligent (2) He has proven that he is very much for the people (3) He appreciates how necessary bi-partisanship is to truly get things done
Ann: (1) Healthcare (2) We are working better together (3) Economy
Cristina: (1) The President has integrity (2) He knows the constitution and supports it and our rights (3) He is really intelligent!
Howard: (1) The President is a pragmatist (2) Education Reform and the platform (3) Healthcare Reform
Kordice: (1) Health Care (2) Foreign Policy (3) The Economy
Dawn: (1) The President is a true progressive (2) I am tired of divisive politics (3) We need the change to continue
J. Jr: (1) President Obama does the right thing for ALL of us (2) Healthcare reform (3) Sensible, fair, stable economic recovery
Robin: (1) My mother and mother-in-law died prematurely as a result of inadequate healthcare. I am proud of the President’s Health Care accomplishments (2) Barack Obama’s integrity as the President, a husband, and a father (3) He supports education reform

Send us a message and let us know why you are "In" for the 2012 campaign.

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