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"Tonight, the auto industry is back!"

Tuesday night at the Sunday Dinner Company in Detroit was a celebration of progress and determination to finish what we started in 2008. Over 100 supporters mixed and mingled over dinner before the address courtesy of Chef Giles, and discussed their plans for the year.

I asked Errol G. why he came out Tuesday.

“I am a team member who wanted to spend this time with fellow volunteers. It’s a great reminder of the work we’ve done so far and what we have left to do. The energy in this room is electric.”

Errol was right. The entire room jumped to their feet and cheered at the mention of progress the auto industry has seen right here in the Motor City. The Big Three is very much woven into the identity of all Detroit residents – and to be mentioned as a model for industries our country should invest in was a humbling moment for all attendees.


When I asked volunteer Bernadine J. what she liked about the speech, she beamed with pride about mentions of the auto industry.

“I am a product of the auto industry and everything the President spoke to of his vision for our country is the American dream. In fact, my father was a returning WW II veteran who worked at General Motors for 30 years so he could put me through college. That education allowed me to be an educator for over 40 years and give back to my community – and I want others here in Detroit to have that same opportunity.”

Tuesday was a great night to be in the midst of the people who have realized the dream for America that our President laid out in his address. With the backdrop of the recovering auto industry in an improving Detroit economy, the message couldn’t have been any better received. Now we must take that message and turn it into action across the state. Visit to take action and sign up to volunteer.

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