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Tomorrow's House Meetings

Like hundreds of other supporters, Laura and Forest are planning a house meeting tomorrow night to discuss the next stages of the campaign in their community and mark the President's 50th the best way we can—by organizing.

"House meetings are a great way to bring like-minded people together and discuss how we'll build for 2012 in our neighborhood," says Laura. "We had 15 people at our last meeting in July and are hoping for similar turnout on Wednesday."

Laura and Forest moved to their Virginia town in January. They've voted in every election and have donated to campaigns before, but they'd never made a concerted effort to volunteer before this year. Just four months after they first decided to get involved, Laura is the Neighborhood Team Leader and Forest is the Data Coordinator for their community.

"In our end of town OFA didn't have a team, so with the support of experienced OFA volunteers we started one," Laura explains. "I've been disappointed with the direction of our country over the past 10 years, and realized that my apathy was part of the problem. Barack Obama's presidency is a breath of fresh air and I want to do what I can to re-elect him."

"It's only through grassroots organizing that we can overcome the challenges from the other side," adds Forest.

And that's just what Laura, Forest, and their new neighborhood team will be doing tomorrow night—organizing.

House meetings are happening in neighborhoods across the country tomorrow, and the President is planning to join via videoconference. You can find a meeting near you here. By attending one in your neck of the woods, you'll not only meet some great people—you'll also have the chance to shape this campaign from the ground up in these critical early months.

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