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My son Daniel

My son, Daniel, was a smart, quiet kid. He'd just become a straight-A student, and he was overcoming his shyness as a new member of the debate team.

On April 20th, 1999, my beautiful and bright 15-year-old son was killed by two teenagers with guns in the library of Columbine High School—one of 12 innocent kids who lost their lives for no reason at all. It's been 14 years since that horrible day—14 years of fighting so no family has to grieve like ours did.

In December, when I heard about the shooting in Newtown, I sat in my office and broke down. I was watching another community torn apart by guns—more parents grieving, more kids who would never see graduation, or a wedding, or a family of their own.
And in the wake of another tragedy, nine in 10 Americans agreed that it was time to act—expand background checks to close the loopholes that put guns in the hands of dangerous people. But Congress disappointed us, putting politics above the safety of our kids.

That's why this week, we're asking: How many parents will have to go through what I did before we say "enough"?

Tomorrow OFA and allied organizations are standing up for a national day of action to ask members of Congress: What will it take to finally act to prevent gun violence? Find an event near you to stand up and demand action.

I hope you will join us and call on Congress to take some common sense steps towards gun violence prevention.

Thank you,
Tom Mauser
Littleton, Colo.
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