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Tom Gets Out the Vote


Everything has led us to this moment.

I lean back from my desk and rub my eyes. I have been staring at a computer screen for too long, and the numbers on the spreadsheet in front of me are looking funny. They are starting to pour from one row to another, like a waterfall.

I remind myself what I am doing this for and why I have been sitting in this office without a break for hours now, staring at numbers.

G-O-T-V. Get. Out. The. Vote.

I think about what got us to this point. How for over a year we have been preparing for this. I think of all those thousands upon thousands of phone calls that have been made. I think of all those neighborhood teams, house meetings, and debate-watch parties. I think of the road-trips to battleground states, the hours spent canvassing, the emails, and the late-night planning sessions. I think of all the clipboards, the “I’m In” cards, and the tables set up on street corners. Everything, I realize, has led us to this moment.

Now is the time for GOTV. Now is the time to make sure our supporters really do cast their votes for Barack Obama for President of the United States.

All across California, from this Saturday through late Tuesday night – from San Rafael to North Sacramento, from San Diego to Stanford, from Culver City to Vallejo – volunteers like you will be making phone calls to battleground states, urging our supporters to get to the polls.

The entire country is, quite literally, having a conversation, and we are an essential part of it.

So what am I doing staring at a computer screen? My job is very clear: to make sure all the data from our GOTV efforts in California are getting recorded on time and accurately. That way the folks in Chicago know where to direct the next phone calls. Sure my eyes get blurry sometimes, but I can tell you (and I am sure you will understand based on your own experiences on the campaign) at the end each day I feel good.

In 2008 I was exhilarated. I drove the streets of my hometown, cheering out the window and watching strangers dance in the streets. This year? When President Obama makes it to 270 electoral votes, I suspect I will feel it all even more deeply. Because this time I understand not only the high stakes, but also what lies behind that simple acronym: GOTV.

Join us for this last push. Come make calls for the President.

Let’s GOTV. Together.

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