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To honor and remember

In honor of Veterans Day, we wish to thank and recognize the service men and women of Wisconsin. Our veterans have fought for our freedoms and for our security and have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Veterans, today, make up a significant portion of the of the population of the United States - 7% as of February 2011. In Wisconsin, just over 10%, or 407,624 veterans make up our state's current population. 220 of our state's World War II veterans traveled to Washington D.C. recently as part of the Honor Flight this past Saturday, November 5th. Our World War II veterans are some of the last remaining service members from the era of "our greatest generation" and many Wisconsin veterans have traveled to Washington D.C. to be honored for their service. Their stories are woven into the fabric of our country today - in our perseverance and ultimate belief in country first. The homecoming for these veterans celebrates their service.

Veterans here in Wisconsin have continued to support the President and talk with their friends and family about why we need to re-elect President Obama in 2012 for Wisconsin's veterans and families. From all areas of service, veterans have joined our organizing teams to help build our local communities stronger and share their perspective about the accomplishments of the Presidents in standing up for veterans and military families.

I'm IN for health care. I feel everyone should be entitled to the kind of health care I receive. It is the most efficient and comprehensive insurance. It gives a feeling of security that I know if I need health attention, I can get it and why can't everyone have that peace of mind?

- Marie of Milwaukee, Air Force

I'm IN for my grandchildren and homeless veterans.

– JoAnne of Kenosha, Navy

I'm IN because I believe we now have a Commander-In-Chief who won't waste human life to further his own political agenda. I'm IN because I believe he seems to understand that armed force to ensure our future security is NOT the only means at our disposal. I'm IN because I believe that reasoned, rational thought is the weapon that will guarantee an American future for my grandchildren. I'm IN because I believe that HOPE is alive and well in our nation.

– Mike of Neenah, Army

I'm IN because I believe in President Obama. We are on a journey with Barack Obama to transform this nation into the 21st century powerhouse it is meant to be. The only question is, will YOU go with US?

- Richard of Milwaukee, Air Force

Obama is committed to keeping the sacred trust we hold with members of our nation's military. Learn more about recent initiatives and legislative actions the President has fought for to expand and improve the benefits for veterans and their families.

Today we honor our veterans, and those who are currently serving, by remembering them. Thank you.
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