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Team Leader Sharon L

Madison/Rivergate Team Leader Sharon L.

Organizing a community is nothing new to Madison/Rivergate Team Leader Sharon L. She remembers going out as a young teenager with her parents in the wards of Chicago knocking on doors and talking to neighbors encouraging them to vote.. It was there that she first learned how to organize a community. However, for many years, despite still caring deeply about the issues facing many Americans, she was unable to put this knowledge of organizing a community into action to useNow retired, there is nothing holding Sharon back. After a lot of hard work in which she gradually took on greater responsibilities, Sharon is now a Team Leader. Last fall, when Sharon first became Team Leader of Madison/Rivergate, there were only five volunteers at the meeting. Thanks to Sharon’s leadership, those five volunteers have grown to over one hundred. Sharon and her army of volunteers are making a difference this election. Their efforts, holding three battleground phone banks a week, are crucial to ensuring North Carolina stays blue this November. .

Join volunteers like Sharon, and start making a difference today.


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