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Spring Fellow Turns Team Leader


Lora M. became a Spring Fellow with the intention of leading a team based in her North Nashville community. Problem was, no team existed in North Nashville at the time she applied.

When I became a Spring Fellow I joined a team outside of my neighborhood because there wasn’t one in my area, but I knew that I wanted to find a way to reach out to the volunteers in my own neighborhood and get people in my part of town involved in the campaign.

Lora was mentored by Nolensville Road Team Lead Suzanne S. on the finer points of leading and running a team.

When the time came to start my own team, I felt comfortable taking on the role of team leader. [Thanks to Suzanne], I gained valuable skills such as how to create events, enter and understand data, share our message, [and] tell my story of self.

Through her work with the Nolensville Road Team, Lora became increasingly comfortable with her organizing skills and decide it was time to step up and host an event of her own in North Nashville. She kicked things off with a phone bank.

Because it was my first event, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I only had a few volunteers scheduled for the event and I wasn’t sure who would come.

Not only did the folks Lora had scheduled show up, many attendees brought friends and family members to help out. The team conducted over 200 phone calls, and the new volunteers asked how they could do more to help get the President re-elected.

The event exceeded my expectations. The energy that the North Nashville team has right now is so exciting. They are fired up and ready to go! Every interaction so far has reminded me why it was so important to me to tap into the volunteer base in my own neighborhood.

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