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OTAC Gets the Job Done


Team OTAC in Oak Ridge held a phone bank to North Carolina last week, where they completed a calling list of 300 contacts for the first time. The team welcomed two new volunteers to make calls, and out of the many conversations they had that morning, 19 individuals agreed to volunteer with a local North Carolina team.

Even though some of the volunteers couldn't reach everyone on the lists and ran into some resistance, they kept the overal goal of supporting the President by helping out our sister state in mind. The conversations ranged from the President's announcement on same-sex marriage to general volunteering information.

Shirley A. was one of the new volunteers and engaged in a conversation with a North Carolina woman about the President's decision to express his opinion on same-sex marriage—the call was only Shirley's third.

The woman on the other line had very serious concerns about President Obama's support of gay marriage. Shirley politely held the conversation for half an hour, and afterwards, simply took a deep breath and continued making calls until she finished her list. Shirley went above and beyond on her first phone bank, and Team Leader Joan N. was grateful to her and the rest of the team.

We did it—as a team, we got the job done!

Join people like Shirley and help us help North Carolina by signing up for a phone bank in your area today.
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