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How President Obama Transformed Lenda's Political Participation

When Lenda S, Regional Leader of Middle Tennessee, signed up to support President Obama in 2008, she had never been involved in politics. Yes, she voted every 4 years, but that was the extent of her political involvement. She stayed involved because the President asked her to in his acceptance speech in Grant Park on Election Night: "This is not the change we seek... it is the chance for us to make that change.... I can't do it by myself... I need your help."

She supported President Obama because of his vision for bringing our country together and to give the people a voice and influence in the decisions made by politicians.

“Before 2008, I had never called my Congressman before; I barely even knew who he was. But after volunteering, I have learned that if enough of us speak up, the politicians listen, and we can change the conversation and the direction of our country. We proved this when we passed the Affordable Care Act - something which every President had tried to do for the last 100 years. This President got it done, and we volunteers had a huge impact here in Tennessee. Keeping our country moving forward and protecting all we’ve fought for is why I’m still in.”

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