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A few tips from Willie F.

Volunteer superstar Willie F.

I learned about phone banking from Willie F; a member of the Madison/Rivergate team.

After completing a one-on-one with her last March, she sat me down to listen to how she talks with voters and convinces them to volunteer.

A few tips from Willie:

Be positive: explain who you are and ask how the person is doing.

Be prepared: be ready to talk about issues of concern to voters. I phone banked with voters in North Carolina the day after the President endorsed gay marriage and several voters wanted to talk about that issue and how it was making them rethink about re-electing the President. I reminded them that President Obama said he would leave it up to the states and each of us has to answer individually to the God we believe in.

Listen and respond: don’t over talk the voter. I once overheard Willie convince a voter who was leaning Republican to not only reconsider but to do volunteer work to get President Obama re-elected.

Be gracious: thank voters for taking time to speak with you for supporting the President.

Join volunteers like Willie by at an event near you!

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