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The time is now

October 5th marks 100 days since the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Since then, there has been no serious action in the House.

They've voted time after time to defund, repeal, or delay Obamacare, and now they've shut down the government over it. They're obsessed with a law that was passed years ago instead of working on the serious problems our country faces right now, like immigration reform.

Now is the time to keep the pressure on Speaker John Boehner and the House to act on immigration reform—we have to turn up the heat. OFA is asking everyone who cares about passing comprehensive immigration reform to raise the volume and recommit to be a part of this fight.

Volunteers across the country are organizing and holding press conferences on Saturday to remind their representatives in Congress that it's been 100 days since the Senate passed its reform bill—100 more days of a broken system that's hurting families and our economy.

Comprehensive immigration reform would create more than 3 million jobs, reduce our deficit by $800 billion, strengthen the middle class and provide an earned path to citizenship for our nation's undocumented immigrants. In short, reform is good for the country.

We are the only ones who can make sure the House knows we're not going to let them fail us. Add your name today to say you're not going anywhere in our fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

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