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Tim Pawlenty for VP?

We'll know soon whether Tim Pawlenty, our former governor and "Obamneycare" critic, will really be Mitt Romney's running mate.

So we've got a job to do.

Most Americans don't know Tim Pawlenty. But Minnesotans do—and the truth is painful for the middle-class families who lived under his leadership. Like Romney, Pawlenty proved that when he's in charge, fees and taxes go up, job creation goes down, transparency gets worse, and women's rights are threatened.

Tell us what you think Americans need to know about what Tim Pawlenty did, or failed to do, as governor of Minnesota.

Both Romney and Pawlenty left their states worse than they found them.

But what Americans may learn about our former governor over the next three months, most Minnesotans will have seen firsthand for many years. It's up to us to make sure Pawlenty isn't elevated to a position where he can do to the country what he did to Minnesota.

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