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Three things

No matter what state we’re in or how many of these grassroots events we’ve done in a row or even how little sleep I’m running on, I’m always thinking three things when I walk off the stage at a rally.

First, if it’s a hot day like it was today in Virginia, I’m thinking about whether everybody’s getting enough water and staying healthy.

The second thing I think about is the incredible energy I see in our volunteers and supporters. It’s meant so much to me to feel just how geared up people are—they understand what’s at stake in this election, and they are putting in the hours and logging the miles it’s going to take to win.

Finally, I think about all the lives that we can change for the better in a second term—the work we still have to do to put people back to work, build more manufacturing here in the United States, support small businesses, make sure that our tax code is fair as we’re reducing our deficit. There’s so much ahead of us, and I’m really inspired by the prospect of having another four years to get it done together.

This trip has been great so far, and I can’t wait to see what our last stop has in store. Thanks for tracking our cross-continental all-nighter—and most of all, thanks for having my back.


P.S.—I just cast my vote in Chicago, and I hope I can count on yours.

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