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This week in Truth Team

Tuesday’s town hall debate crystallized the clear choice Americans face on women’s health and economic security. While President Obama has a strong record of cracking down on pay discrimination, ensuring women’s access to affordable health care, and making sure women can make their own health care choices, Mitt Romney refuses to stand up for equal pay and has made clear that he would defund Planned Parenthood and support the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Check out three moments from Tuesday’s debate that demonstrate President Obama’s unshakeable commitment to women’s rights and show why Mitt Romney would be the wrong choice for women across the country.

Watch health care advocate Cecile Richards highlight President Obama's commitment to issues important to women and their families:

Then take a look at this video highlighting Romney’s condescending views toward women.

At the debate, Romney demonstrated once again why he is the most extreme presidential nominee on immigration in modern history. From doubling down on his opposition to the bipartisan DREAM Act to reiterating his support for the inhumane policy of “self-deportation,” Romney’s extreme anti-immigration positions were on full display.

Romney also brazenly ignored the facts and falsely attacked President Obama on the attacks in Libya that killed four Americans. Watch this video to see how Romney’s attempts to score cheap political points fell flat.

Romney claimed he will bring jobs back to America, but his plans to eliminate taxes on American companies’ foreign profits would actually encourage outsourcing.

Romney tried to tout a record of “bipartisanship,” but the facts show that Romney hardly ever reached across the aisle as governor. See what elected officials from Massachusetts had to say about Romney’s revisionist history.

Watch Bay State legislators explain why Romney “was not an effective governor.”

A new report found that Romney made massive profits off the auto rescue he opposed and the misfortune of auto workers he used to falsely attack President Obama.

On the stump this week in Virginia, President Obama coined a new term to describe Mitt Romney’s tendency to conveniently forget his “severely conservative” positions: Romnesia. Watch the President review the symptoms.

Finally, tomorrow night’s debate will highlight the clear choice voters face when it comes to their commander-in-chief. While President Obama has been a strong and steady leader who’s made America safer and more secure than we were four years ago, Romney has nothing to offer but a record or blunders and a commitment to endless war.

Every time Romney’s had a chance to demonstrate he’s ready to represent America on the world stage, he’s failed. Take a look at this video running down Romney’ five-step approach to foreign policy.

And watch foreign policy heavyweights like Sen. John Kerry and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright explain why Mitt Romney is not prepared to be commander in chief.

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