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This Veterans Day

In early 1969 I found myself on a plane to Vietnam. Serving and flying with the A6 Intruders gave me insight into the minds of those currently serving overseas. All these years later, my experiences in the Marine Corps led me to the importance of community activism and giving back to our service members. On this Veterans Day, President Obama has been busy safeguarding the rights of our soldiers overseas, as well as veterans back home. Creating jobs and supporting our troops during their time of need is a central tenet of the Obama administration.

Earlier this week, Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown (the nation’s highest-ranking elected official to have served a tour of duty in Iraq) attended a conference at the White House with leading veterans service organizations. During the event he announced his support for the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits, a section of the American Jobs Act passed yesterday by the Senate.

“I thank the President for his leadership and sense of urgency towards addressing unemployment among veterans and I join him in urging Congress to act now. Our veterans have bravely sacrificed in service to their country, and we can’t wait to provide them the support and resources they have earned.”

In keeping with the spirit of the Obama campaign, and the importance of community service, our younger volunteers have decided to gather their friends at the University of Maryland to write letters to our service members on active duty overseas, as well as wounded warriors.


If you have half an hour, please join us and help support our troops today.
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